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A display of guns in Billings, MT

Guns for Sale in Billings, MT Find fairly priced new or used guns & ammo at Daddy O’s

Are you looking for a small pistol for personal protection? Do you need a larger rifle for hunting or home defense? Whatever you need, Daddy O’s Pawn in Billings, MT will help you exercise your constitutional right. New or used, big or small—we have it all!

Why should you trust Daddy O’s Pawn over other local pawn shops? Our firearm selection is comprised of about 95% new stock. Don’t settle for a used weapon that’s been worn down with years of operation. Find a gun you’ll be proud to own at Daddy O’s.

This town talks—and they say to trust Daddy O’s

Word of mouth has kept our business booming for three decades. Google reviewer Jacob R., who bought an assault rifle just this year, gave this glowing review of our pawn shop: “Daddy O’s has the best gun selection in Billings. The guys that work there know their stuff and always have great prices.”

Here’s another 5-star Google review from an anonymous user: “I have purchased all of my guns from them and they have been the most helpful place in town for firearms. They know what they are talking about and if you ask something they don’t know, they don’t lie to you to get a quick sale.”

See for yourself why Billings loves Daddy O’s Pawn. Come by today!